Biohazard CODE:Veronica Official Guide Book

There's some pretty interesting design all around in this book. It's simple, but makes it ooze with a lot of cool. Or at least makes it one of the guidebooks I find more pleasing to look at! This guide is quite tiny as well.

It primarily uses official game art, renders and even concept art to decorate a lot of the pages. Even though it doesn't use new art, the effects used and the arrangement of the graphics makes the official work pop with style. I love the dotting and dithering, especially on the chapter pages. I absolutely love the front cover *__*. The ants against the snow white backdrop, and on the spine is Alexia in her dragonfly form. The simple design gets me... Also a great contrast to the bright red slip cover.

I don't think I found any original art other than the abstract disc pages (which imo are COOL as hell).

Some other tidbits are the few spelling errors here and there. I didn't even notice it at first, but the map page I scanned had Claire spelt correctly and incorrectly.

Spelling errors aside, there's also an "unofficisal" files section. From what I can intuit, the first few pages are a summary of events in previous RE and the events of CV. Although, I wonder if it's more than just a recap. There's a section about the HCF and it seems like it was trying to guess the acronym of the organization Wesker works for.

ALSO! Found a site that has a translation of the book! >READ HERE<


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Character Profiles

Disc Change

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